Novus Ordo: Vatican Presents Woman in Casual Shirt as Distributor of Ash Cross

Francis published a February 12 Lenten message full of his usual chitchat about the “journey” of conversion, living waters of hope etc.

More interesting than this is the illustration chosen by It shows the Ash Wednesday distribution of the ashes performed by a casually dressed woman.

The shot was taken in Manila, Philippines, on February 26, 2020, and shows a "nun" in a small ruffled blouse.


James Preisendorfer 5681142
This really concerns me as so many will feel like the knitter and never come back to the REAL MASS and become Holiday Catholics.
J G Tasan
What is wrong with the ash-marking of the Cross on the forehead? 🤔
It is forbidden this year (and next??) because they say one could transmit the virus by contact with skin. BUT we are required to receive communion on the hand wherein the "minister" touches everyone with the Body of Our Lord & their fingers. (Note: I've never received communion in this way WITHOUT feeling the knuckles of the one distributing on my palm!) More lunacy!