Austrian mystic Maria Simma in the book Get Us Out of Here (Nicky Eltz's interview), who talked with the Purgatory souls, revealed John Lennon has been saved. That's why we can't judge anybody, because salvation can happen in the last life moment.
Anthony St Joseph
She's a comedian. Not funny and she probably is dumb, but this tweet was a joke.
John Lennon was killed ,Did she knew thatΒ ? and i dont think Paul McCartney has aged well at all ,i know people with the same age as him and not vegeterians that have aged better
Even disregarding JL's bullet there's nothing remarkable about McCartney reaching 80. The average age of death for men in the UK is 82.
John A Cassani
That has to be a bot. I know millenials are that dumb, but, really.