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The Passion of the Christ

Daru Pastur
the Last Temptations....
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I remember watching it at the age of 10 and I cried a bucket of tears.. That's my memory of d movie and still, after 10 years, it gives me shivers..
why are there no subtitles after download but on the streaming there is
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alex j
Powerful, powerful film. One of Mel Gibson's best if not the best film. It has, since first being released, become part of our Lenten season film viewing.
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Fun Trivia: The evil one is played by Rosalinda Celentano who, appropriately enough, is an unabashed lesbian.
She is used to represent the devil in this, which is why at the end of this film the devil was upset, because he had just been defeated
It is Aramese
no, its not spanish
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GOD blesss
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Passion of Christ
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What language is it? Is it Spanish?
May be ancient aramic
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Sayak is the winner!
It's ancient ARAMAIC!
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