Neo-Cardinal Entrusts His Purple to Paul VI

Neo-Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, prayed after the Consistory at the tomb of Paul VI (+1978), he told (December 3).

Paul VI concluded Vatican II and led the Church into the biggest disaster of its history. For Semeraro “Paul VI is the saint of my priestly life, but he is also the saint from whom I learned how to love, how to give one's life for the Church.”

Semeraro wanted “to create a silent dialogue” with the late pope, but at the end, “rather than talking to him while kneeling before his tomb, I preferred to recite the Magnificat, trying to recite it as he would have been able to recite it.”


Alex A
Saint Pope Paul V1 may not want it. After all, he gave away the Traditional Papal Tiara.