Two Homosexuals Preach At Father’s Day in Chicago

Chicago's Old St Patrick Parish replaced the June 19 homily with a "reflection" by two homosexual, reports The pretext was the …
The diminutive Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago obviously wants to spend eternity in hell. May the Almighty give him exactly what he desires.
Wilma Lopez shares this
“This week Chicago is celebrating Pride, and today is Father’s Day, and conveniently we tick both of those boxes,” one of them said at the pulpit, "Let’s be honest, there are probably not too many gay dads speaking on Father’s Day at many Catholic Churches on the planet today.”
Carlos Santos
Is this going to be one of the fruits of the "Synod on synodality"? They are going to try to mainstream this behavior throughout the entire church.... Pride is a sin...and June is the month of the Sacred heart of Jesus. God uses all things for good, and for the happenings in the church currently, He is separating the wheat from the chaff. 🙏
The homochurch of Chicago is just bursting with pride! How horrible their punishment will be
stop offending God
Carlos Santos
Aderito, Amen to this! 🙏
What has our church become.
Laura Yunque
Lord, save us. Save Your Church. Come, Lord Jesus, come.
John A Cassani
The millstone quarries should have a booming business.
Sancte Teotónio
Poor children being indoctrinate by two sodomites. That's how sin spreads.
Since their sodomitical relationship is fruitless and against nature and only leads to death, they have to deviate other people's children.

Lack of church doctrine and also lack of real fathers who allow 2 sodomites giving moral lessons and scandalizing children.
The New Knights Templar
The fact that the congregation didn't get up and walk out goes to show us exactly how many people these days are being mislead and pulled off into the direction of hell.
Wilma Lopez
Amoris Laetitia accompaniment in action