Pro-abortion TikToker has full-blown psychotic meltdown over RoeVsWade being overturned
Spewing evil all over
A bad ghost rages through this poor woman. Lord Jesus touch those people to make them see the truth, the pain, the evil and your Love.
Now you know what possessed persons look like and how they act. The hatred within the person is deep rooted.
michael newman
“Women will die” …. Errr.. abortion = babies do die
Ave Crux
Why do so many pro-abortion women act and look so demonic....?
michael newman
Because they are possessed
The eyes are the window to the soul. Look at hers.
michael newman
I can’t…too frightening
Definitely demonic, you can't watch or listen without feeling evil emanating.
This should be spread far and wide...as an added incentive to avoid Hell!
Defeat Modernism
Typical godless liberal. Pray for her conversion. She is probably demonically possessed.
Thought the same: demonically
Jeffrey Ade
Hail Mary full of Grace...