Francis Recommends Psychiatry to Heal Homosexuality - But Pro-Gay Vatican Censors

On his flight back from Dublin to Rome, Pope Francis was asked about the vice of homosexuality.

Francis answered by making a distinction regarding the age when “this restlessness” manifests itself. He explained that, when the person is below twenty years old, many things can be done “with psychiatry”. The word “psychiatry” is clearly audible in the video.

But the official transcript on censured the word “psychiatry” leaving Francis with having said that “many things can be done” for children tormented by homosexual temptations.

alex j
The act of sodomy is a behaviour problem not a mental illness, thus it comes under psychology not psychiatry. Once again Pope Francis reveals his lack of priestly formation .
alex j
Love your retort. Still laughing to myself as I write this reply.
He seems to change his ideas every day. Maybe the main stream media will finally turn against him. To speak out against homosexuality is a deadly sin for the media scum.
alex j
asdlljsadf--What traitors! Name them! The only break Francis needs is a loooong holiday to the Antartic.
Give the guy a break. Clearly he's surrounded by evil traitors.
First of all, that "psychiatry" help is illegal in some places and the "restlessness" (as if to suggest it is something one outgrows) not considered needing help almost everywhere else. He seems to live in a cave...except when he doesn't. They really ought to stop these interviews. Who considers them a net gain? They ought to stop the trips as well.
Spiritual reality is replaced by psychology to redefine, accept and spread sin with end to completely destroy the God's Ordo in societies. However, sodomic sinful activity is condemned by God in the Bible and many sexual perversions reveal sinners' spirituality possessed by demonic powers.