The suspense will drive you crazy. Patience is a virtue.

I’ve Got a Good One for You…

I attended Mass today for this Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost under a very strange set of circumstances. I cannot wait, no indeed, I actually need to tell you all about it …
Looking forward to it.
Harvey Millican
@giveusthisday My apologies. That must be my background in media coming through. In reality, I simply wanted to talk up a piece I am working on. There was no intent to clickbait anyone.
Why waste our time telling us to tune in tomorrow - that is so main stream media!
Josephmary AnneJochaim
@Harvey Millican If i posted on your website you could tell me to move along, but i read vitually every post here and post on some, if you can't deal with negative feedback from Gtv dont feed your ego/website here. Promo click bait thy name is.
Harvey Millican
@Josephmary AnneJochaim What you call click bait, I see as a promo. You’re not obligated to click on anything. If you don’t like my post, move on.