Mosque: Novus Ordo Church Falls Apart

The Margaret Mary Church in Ottawa, Canada, will soon be operating as a mosque, reports Cbc.ca (7 January).

The new owner is the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, which owns 32 mosques across the country, including two former Christian churches.

The sale will be completed in March. The church has not been used for three years.

Picture: Margaret Mary Church, Ottawa © wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsObbxkdyuav

Always sad to hear of another mosque. The muslims believe in "proselytism" (active da'wah teams); the FrancisChurch does not bother about bringing anyone to Christ.
Malki Tzedek
I cannot blame the Islamic Council for this; the Church has ceded the turf. Very sad when the vineyard shrinks.
John A Cassani
Think of the harm that’s done when one drives by a church that has been turned into condos, or here, a mosque. It is discouraging to Catgolics, for sure, but also for anyone who values the preservation of culture. It would have been better if they took a wrecking ball to it.
Novus Ordo give the church to Muslims, but not for traditional catholics
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Novus Ordo Church is not Catholic. People should open their eyes and admit that to themselves. Then find a true Catholic Church among the SSPX, etc.