Novella Nurney
Uhm, are those PLASTIC gloves biodegradable? Do you know how many plastic straws you can make out of ONE PAIR of gloves? Those disinfectants, do you know how many GOODbacteria they kill? How many fish will die from the leaching of these chemicals into the waterways? And the rainforests!!! The Amazon!!!!! Reeeeeeeee!Reeeeeeee!
That was totally awesome, NN. :D Good point... the Vatican simply dropped its "environmental sins against our common home" gimmick the moment Pope Francis caught the sniffles.
comfort ye
Cleaning pews /bathrooms after every Mass on Sunday, I have inhaled enough disinfectant to deplete the ozone layer. 😫 😫 😫 😫 😫
Oi! You lot! Two meters apart! Social distancin' and you in the white! Get'cher bloomin' mask back up! Mouth and nose covered or it's a 100 € fine!