363. Let’s listen with charity

When we walk, we notice that there’s always somewhere, often when we don’t expect it, a person who challenges us with a disconcerting question. Our first reaction would be to turn our defences on.
If these are people we meet again and, for the moment, we have no answer to their question, we can say, “I hear your question and will come back to you about it later.” It can take a week, a month, six months, but when we have the answer of a competent person, we can come back with an answer.

For example, someone tells us, “Why go to church?” Instead of highlighting defensive responses, let’s take time to think about it, find an answer, and then come back with the person. His question, he will have it again. The listening and the welcome that we realize is a mission. The answer we give, if it’s appropriate and can allow the person to walk, is evangelization.

May Jesus increase in us the faith to the point of becoming like trees letting themselves be rocked by the wind and let go their fruits. Let’s offer the fruits of faith at the crossroad of those who gather them.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Here, where we are, Normand Thomas