Great Satire

Pope Francis Wears Miter With Faceshield To Comply With New Vatican Safety Measures

VATICAN CITY—Receiving protection against chemical, environmental, and immoral hazards in the workplace, Pope Francis reportedly began wearing a …
Mk 16,16
Muß sich Papst Franz auch noch zum Affen machen mit dieser albernen Maske? Das zeigt doch nur wes Geistes Kind er ist.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Face Masks, now next stage test and trace @ Bristol, RC Church, UK - coming to a Church near you!
F M Shyanguya
The Onion. Satire. Now I get it. Thank you @HerzMariae.
Back in 1966, a newspaper called the Onion, was an underground student activists, far left newspaper. Young adults would hand the Newspapers out to teenagers wherever they met socially. We called it a Commie , short for Communist) paper. I don’t know if this is the same Onion or not, just saying.