Cardinal Marx Lies to the Face of the World, “I Never Called For Gay Blessings”

During a press conference (February 19) before the start of the ongoing meeting of the German Bishops in Ingolstadt, Cardinal Marx of Munich astonished the world by claiming that "I have not at all spoken about a public blessing of homosexual couples", although he added immediately, "But the topic is here."

Playing on words Marx said that, when talking on February 3 to the Bayerischer Rundfunk, he had not asked for a "Segnung" (blessing), but for a "Zuspruch", a German word that, especially among liberals, is used as a synonym for "blessing".

However, when the Bayerischer Rundfunk originally published the interview under the title “Blessing of gay couples is possible”, Marx did not protest. The German Bishops' webpage katholisch.de wrote on February 3, “Marx considers gay-couples’ blessing as possible”. Again, Marx kept mum.

Now, he suddenly denied. "Announcement and denial" is a tactic used by deceptive politicians in order to get the people used to outrageous proposals and to make such proposals socially acceptable. Blessings of gay pseudo-marriage are already performed in the German Church and the bishops do nothing to stop them.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Raimond Spekking, CC BY-SA, #newsNflmrobqyt
Super Genius
So, "zuspruch," not "segnung." Whew, that WAS close. All is well.
Man, they must think we're stupid.More
So, "zuspruch," not "segnung." Whew, that WAS close. All is well.

Man, they must think we're stupid.
Not only a liar, but a coward, too.
Decieving is not from God
German "ZUSPRUCH" translation and meaning is "SUPPORT". Since Cardinal Cordes, a Catholic heavy weight, critic of Cardinal Marx, a Catholic dim light, Marx is losing every support.