Recommended movie: «Truth» (2015)

Recommended movie: «Truth» (2015)

"Happy are those who are persecuted for practicing justice, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them" (Mt 5:10). This promise Jesus made to us in the Sermon on the Mount. It is part of one of the beatitudes that he proclaimed on Mount Sinai.

Today's life gives us a thousand and one chances to live this promise. Of being persecuted (to a greater or lesser extent) for practicing justice. An example of the "least measure." A young medical student in Argentina was taking a course at a public university. In the middle of class, the teacher begins to speak ill of the Catholic faith and to make fun of some of his beliefs. The young man, very calmly, raises his hand and says: «more respect please. There are Catholics in the classroom. The teacher fell silent and continued with the lesson. At the end of the class, the teacher calls him aside and says: - «His name from him?», To which the young man responds naturally. Then the teacher adds: - «You know that my course is not going to pass you. The semester had just started. He did not even know the name of the brave young man who came out to defend his, but he had already made him a red cross on the list. Happy from that person. Happy, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to him.

The movie that reminded me of this beatitude is based on real events. It's called "Truth" ("Conspiracy and power" in Spanish) and stars Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford, Dennis Quaid, Elizabeth Moss and Topher Grace; and it was James Vanderbilt's directorial debut.

The plot is as follows. Mary Mapes is a successful journalist from the United States who produces the most prestigious investigative journalism program in the country: 60 minutes Wednesday. During the 2004 presidential campaign, his task force, consisting of Mike Smith (T. Grace), Lucy Scott (E. Moss), Roger Charles (D. Quaid), and program host Dan Rather (R. Redford) investigated on the Killian documents, which accused President Bush (candidate for president) of having received "preferential treatment" (and illegal) during his mandatory military service in the armed forces.

The movie is dynamic, it has a lot of tension points and the acting is really very good. I consider it an apostolic film not because of the model of people that is exhibited in it, but because of the graphic images that it provides so that later it is debated about being persecuted for wanting to tell the truth. Are we aware that this is happening around us?

1. There will be people who oppose
Truth, Recommended movie: «Truth» (2015)
Lies are like Dracula: they don't want sunlight, of the truth. When a person, whoever he is, goes out to the public wanting to tell a truth, almost always a contrary force is awakened that does not want the light of that truth to reach others, that wants to extinguish that glow. Today the most concrete examples are related to issues such as abortion, marriage between men and women, euthanasia practices and sexual relations. Anyone who wants to say something against these issues is silenced. An example of a person (even if he does not profess our faith) who stands against the world, who is persecuted for "practicing justice" is Ben Shapiro. In the movie, Mary and her team are constantly assaulted for wanting to show an objective truth, something that actually happened. Mary's problem is that she doesn't know that God made her a promise. She does not know that she, by being persecuted, could be the owner of the Kingdom of Heaven. Do not lose that awareness! God never speaks of more, all his words are for man to feed on them, he nourish his soul. If the Kingdom of Heaven is promised to the persecuted, it is because it is so!

2. It will involve elections
Truth, Recommended movie: «Truth» (2015)
How far are you willing to defend the truth? It is an excellent question. Mary and her team came to give their work in order to defend that truth they discovered. Okay, it can't be compared to the truth that we stand for. But they did. They stood up to a wave of people who criticized them, branded them as having no work ethic, as doing what they did to discredit the Bush political campaign. And for doing so they were left without work. You, how far would you go to defend your faith? The young medical student sacrificed his course to defend what he lived for, and his defense was nothing! He simply asked for respect for what he lived and professed. And they marked it with a red cross. In the Middle East today there are more martyrs than in the early days of the Church. People who give their lives in order to defend what they profess. You, how far would you go?

3. It is not easy
Truth, Recommended movie: «Truth» (2015)
It is so much easier to surrender to external pressures. Give the arm to twist and stop trying to show what you see. Mary goes through very hard times. Times of doubting her work and the things she does. What if she what