No, a Catholic in "good conscience" cannot vote for Biden

Archbishop of Newark Cardinal Joe Tobin told a panel that Catholics can, in good conscience, vote for Joe Biden and that he felt he couldn't really vote for the other option.…212/status/1305971379490172929

Let's remember something about Tobin. He's gay, really gay. Sooo gay. He accidentally tweeted a text message to his lover, an Italian actor living at the rectory (!) "Nighty night, baby. I love you."…ayr/status/1048312549559730176

So let's stop assuming he's Catholic.

Secondly, Joe Biden unapologetically supports abortion, and made money of the Chinese communist party, and communism/socialism/fascism is the state face of Satan.

So, if you're a Bergolian, vote for Biden. If you're a Catholic vote for Trump or don't vote at all. But do not vote for Biden.