Rosary initiative in the USA and the vaccination issue

BCP: Rosary initiative in the USA
and the vaccination issue

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP), which repeatedly calls for the setting up of prayer watches, i.e. continuous prayer, fully supports the initiative of US Catholics, P. J. Altman and M. Gibson, in prayer mobilization – 54 day Rosary Novena. Archbishop C. M. Viganó as well as other bishops and priests likewise call for the Rosary Novena and, above all, this has always been the most fundamental call of Our Lady of Fatima.
Today, motivation for prayer is alarming. There is a threat of autogenocide not only of America but of the whole world. God alone can save us from this self-destruction, and therefore we have to cry to Him with great fervor, praying Him to save us and our nation.
Regarding the current mRNA vaccination, it is known that:
1) it causes a change in the genome and turns people into genetically modified organisms;
2) the Covid vaccine contains nanoparticles, and so it is part of the process of gradual chipization of mankind, which the Bible warns against speaking about the lake of fire (Rev 19);
3) the mRNA vaccine essentially consists of tissue torn from a live unborn baby before it is killed;
4) it is part of the genocidal plan for reducing the world’s population to a so-called golden billion.
What do top scientists and experts say about vaccination? In addition to many others, let us just mention a recent urgent warning of Professor S. Bhakdi from Germany, who has many years of research experience as a microbiologist and virologist. He talks about the global Covid fraud and an even greater fraud of global Covid vaccination. He warns: “Do not permit anyone to propagandize you into getting the second jab! If you’ve already got the first jab and nothing’s wrong with you, give thanks to God for that. But be sure not to get the second jab, for then the danger is really great. The killer lymphocytes attack the body and can block the blood vessels … which can lead to autoimmune disease, when the body begins to attack itself.”
German doctors are shocked by what the blood looks like after the Covid-19 vaccination, and report that they have not seen anything like it in 30-40 years of practice. (
Only innate immunity – broad-spectrum “general” immunity – can end the so-called pandemic. Vaccines can never stop Covid-19 mutation, infectivity or transmission, for the simple reason that vaccines never see a future, and even the CDC admits that they cannot prevent infection or transmission. Currently, 2.4 billion people in the world are vaccinated. Even if vaccination ended right now, a billion people worldwide could die as a result in the next three years.
Based on statistics, if they are true, about half the US population has already received the vaccine. What should you do if you were manipulated into getting vaccinated? What should you do if you committed a sin? The solution is not to excuse yourself; the solution is to admit your guilt and repent as soon as possible. To repent means not to receive another vaccine. You must reckon with severe vaccine impact, including death. Anyway, you must not fall into depression or commit suicide! You need to cry out to God with a sincere heart and find time for prayer every day. Therefore, we recommend that Catholics pray daily all the three Rosaries with the intention that God will make a miracle and spare them the vaccine impact, but let them also pray for a happy hour of death which will decide their eternity.
Those who pray one Rosary a day in response to the initiative can also pray it as part of prayer watches. Would to God that this Catholic initiative may be the seed that will grow even after the 54 Rosary days. The situation is extremely serious and escalating. May all these prayer participants make a promise to God that they will pray three Rosaries a day all year round! They can pray one Rosary during the day, e.g. one decade at a time during the downtime (in public transport, in a queue...). They can pray the second Rosary during the Holy Hour from 8 to 9pm together with a member of the family or with the whole family. They can pray the third Rosary alone according to the Gospel instructions: “When you pray, go into your room and close the door…”
Let us recall the system of continuous prayer: A proven method is prayer watches. A prayer group consists of 23 members who cover the 24 hours of the day. There is one hour set aside, namely from 8 to 9pm, during which all of the members pray. It is a so-called “Holy Hour”. The rhythm for the prayer watches is that for one week, every member prays daily during his one-hour prayer watch and during the Holy Hour. Then for the next three weeks, he only prays during the Holy Hour. The next three prayer watches are kept during the following three weeks, that is, 3 × 23 = 69 prayer participants. Thus a continuous prayer runs without ceasing (Lk 18:1.7; 1Thes 5:17; Is 62:6-7), with 92 prayer participants (4 × 23 = 92). The weekly watches pass on the baton on Sunday midnight.
The structure of prayer watches:
Prayer watch – 23 people.
Four prayer watches, i.e. continuous prayer, form a combat unit – 92 people.
Ten units, i.e. 920 people, form a battalion.
Ten battalions form a regiment, i.e. 9,200 soldiers.
Ten regiments form a division, i.e. 92,000 soldiers.
Ten divisions form the National Army of Christ, i.e. 920,000 soldiers.
Continuous prayer is not meant to replace the sincere 54-day Rosary prayer initiative. On the contrary, its purpose is to support it.
The greatest example of prayer is the Lord Jesus Himself. He said: “… follow Me!” (Mt 16:24) It is not enough to talk about prayer in theory. It is necessary to build a daily prayer routine. We can pray the Rosary or other proven Christian prayers. Models of interior prayer can be found on the Patriarchate’s website in the section Interior prayer, e.g. Prayer of unity and power (Mk 11:23), Prophetic prayer Ezek 37, Seven words from the cross…
“He who prays will be saved; he who does not will be lost.” (St. Alphonsus Liguori)
Your salvation as well as America’s future depends on your prayer!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops
September 18, 2021
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BCP: Rearrangement of the liturgy
(Holy Mass)

The Novus Ordo marked a radical interference with both the liturgy and liturgical space. This caused a change of spirit. The horizontal began to be emphasized at the expense of the vertical – the relationship with God. A means of achieving this spiritual change was the turning of both the altar and the priest to “face the people”.

The biblical model of the Jerusalem Temple had three separate sections:
the place where the presence of God dwelled – the Holy of Holies
the place where the priest offered the daily sacrifice to God
the place for the people
ad 1) In analogy with the Catholic temple, here the place where the presence of God dwells is the tabernacle (the Holy of Holies). In the Eastern rite, it is separated by an iconostasis.
ad 2) During the liturgy, the priest and the people should face the tabernacle. There should be a large crucifix, preferably a full-size one, placed between the tabernacle and the altar, or attached to the altar.
So much for rearranging the liturgical space.

Rearrangement of the liturgy
The prayer over the gifts inappropriately emphasizes the word “work” twice. Rearrangement: “Blessed are You, Lord God of all creation. Through Your goodness we have received the bread we offer You. You will make it the Body of Christ through Your Spirit.”
C (Choir): “Blessed be God forever.”
P (Priest): “…the wine we offer You. You will make it the Blood of Christ through Your Spirit.”
C: “Blessed be God forever.”
The priest should add before the Consecration in the Roman Canon: “…so that they may become for us the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit
Before dropping a piece of the host into the chalice, which expresses the mystery of Christ’s resurrection, the priest shall replace the words, “Let us offer each other the sign of peace,” with the following sentence:
P: “Christ is risen!”
C: “He is risen indeed!” (the choir sings the antiphon: “Resucito (He Is Risen), Alleluia!”)

Rearrangements in the form where the priest prays silently or aloud, and two moments of silence:
While the choir sings the Sanctus, the priest quietly says the first part of the (Roman) Canon. Then he says aloud: “Be pleased, O God, we pray, to bless, acknowledge, and approve this offering in every respect; make it spiritual and acceptable, so that it may become for us the Body and Blood of Your most beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
There follows the first moment of silence (2-4 minutes, kneeling). Then the priest stands up and says aloud: “For on the night He was betrayed…”
The words of Institution, which are at the same time the words of Consecration in the Latin Liturgy, should be pronounced slowly and clearly in the same language as the Lord Jesus Himself pronounced them.
After the wine is changed into the Blood of the Lord, the priest genuflects on both knees, and there follows the second moment of silence. After 2-5 minutes, the priest ends the adoration by saying, “The mystery of faith”. Then he stands up and continues the Mass as usual.

Explanatory notes:
The first moment of silence
The priest and the people kneel for about 2-4 minutes, invoking the Holy Spirit and singing the antiphon “Veni Sancte Spiritus”.
Note for the faithful:

Now move your mind to the Cenacle on Mount Zion, where the Lord Jesus instituted this sacrament with His own words. The next day, He died on the cross for our sins and then rose from the dead. On the fiftieth day, He sent down the Holy Spirit on the Apostles praying in the Cenacle. It was here, too, in the Cenacle on Mount Zion, that the Apostles offered the liturgical sacrifice in the power of the Holy Spirit for the first time. The successors of the Apostles, bishops and priests, have since then offered this sacrifice of Christ to God as for themselves, so also for the sins of the people. Pray now that the fullness of the Holy Spirit will descend on you as on the Apostles. Repeat several times: “Veni Sancte Spiritus.” Then say with faith in your spirit: “I receive the same Holy Spirit as the Apostles in the Cenacle.” At the same time, say the holy name of Jesus (Yehoshu-aa-aa-aa) in your spirit several times.
Then you can also pray that the Holy Spirit will now make present Christ’s sacrifice of the cross on this altar. He will do so by His almighty power through the words of Christ spoken by the priest.

The second moment of silence
The priest and the people kneel for about 2-5 minutes, singing the antiphon “Yehoshua” (sung to the melody of Ti Si Mir Naš / You Are Our Peace, Alleluia)
Note for the faithful:
Realize that Christ’s sacrifice of the cross is made present now. Jesus is here. Stand in spirit by His cross in place of the Apostle John beside the Mother of Jesus. Jesus sees you now, and says to you: “Behold, your Mother.” Say in your spirit: “I receive.” You have thus fulfilled the testament of Jesus from the cross.
Now look at the five wounds of Jesus in your spirit, and make an act of perfect contrition which will be most needed at the moment of your death. Looking at each of the five wounds, say five times in your spirit: “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner.”
Then realize the mystery of baptism: “We were immersed through baptism in Christ’s death.” (Rom 6) Abide in this reality for a while and call on the name of Jesus (Yehoshu-aa-aa-aa). When pronouncing the long “a”, try to perceive that you are immersed in Christ’s death, spiritually united to it. Think of your death and try to experience this moment as if it were the last moment of your life. Together with Jesus, you commit your spirit into the hands of the Heavenly Father.
Latin transcription of the words of Consecration

Note concerning the Penitential Act at the beginning of the Mass:
“Let us acknowledge our sins...” Recall your sins in a moment of silence: “I am an egoist seeking my own will rather than God’s. I am a hedonist seeking pleasure, even sinful pleasure. I am a critic; I condemn others, but I refuse to see or admit my fault.” Then say aloud: “I confess…”, “Kyrie, eleison”.

Note concerning the celebrant:
The Mass is invalid if celebrated by a bishop or priest who has adopted heresies and a spirit denying the very essence of the Church of Christ. Such a one has excluded himself from the Mystical Body of Christ because of heresies (see Gal 1:8-9).

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

14 September 2021
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