Gesù è con noi
May God bless and protect Archbishop Viganò. The New Saint Athanasius defender of our Catholic faith for these times of Trial and great tribulation.
Hugh N. Cry
I like the beard. It shows, as in the old tradition, that he is a missionary.
Holy Cannoli
Anything is better than the over used photo of him unshaven looking like a BLM reject.
@Holy Cannoli This scene was the only public appearance of Viganò between summer 2018 and next weekend and was there and took pictures. 😎
Holy Cannoli
Did you have the opportunity to speak with him and was he attempting to disguise himself? What was the nature of the event where you saw him?
It was this event in Munich (organised by Roberto de Mattei):
Archbishop Viganò Was In Disguise in Munich

After the prayer, people greeted Viganò.