Before it is MANDATORY!

Before even considering the moral implications. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Ok, I get the COVID-19 vaccine, (not the mRNA type)
1. Can I still get COVID-19 - YES
2. Will I have symptoms that will warn me that I have COVID-19 and therefore self-quarantine so as not to spread the disease? - PROBABLY NOT - here is a danger.
3. Can I still pass COVID-19 on to others - YES
4. Will I get seriously ill from COVID-19 - NO
5. Will all COVID-19 PPE (masks…) precautions still apply - YES
6. Is there a chance of being injured or dying from the vaccine? – YES (Need the stats.)
7. If I suffer an injury as a direct result of taking the vaccine. Who will “payout” for the injury? Not the Manufacturer. How hard is it to prove that the injury was a direct cause of the vaccine?
8. For how many years have vaccine manufactures being working on other coronavirus vaccines without success? Since at least 2007
SARS Coronavirus Vaccine (SARS-CoV) - Full Text View -
9. Are the vaccines that were developed in 9 months and commissioned by our government still experimental? YES. Are their national governments who have rejected the experimental vaccine? Yes- India. Does the Nuremberg Code after the WWII catastrophe legislate on “medical experimentation on human subjects”? YES Nuremberg Code (Directives for Human Experimentation) - Office of Research Integrity (
10. Is any of the vaccine manufacturers willing to provide medical proof that their vaccine to protect against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 disease) won’t “leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus" - PubMed

10.a. Have any governments asked the above question? Not that we know of.

What if the vaccine is of the mRNA type?
11. Does the mRNA function in the same way as our understanding of the science of the historical vaccine?
12. In the historical understanding of vaccines, is the mRNA a vaccine or a new type of “cell therapy” passing off as a vaccine?
13. Is the mRNA new territory and therefore be subjected to even longer clinical trials than what is considered normal?

What if I do not get the vaccine.
14. Can I still get COVID-19? - YES
15. Will I have symptoms that will tell me I have COVID-19 and therefore I will self-quarantine and not spread the disease- Most likely, unlike 2.
16. Can I still pass it on to others YES
17. Will I get seriously ill from COVID-19 - possible
18. Will all COVID-19 PPE precautions still apply - YES
19. What’s the chance of dying from COVID-19 – (Need the stats.)
20. Are there successful medications to cure the disease COVID-19. YES
India develops COVID treatment kit for less than $3 per person with ‘miraculous’ ivermectin | News | LifeSite (

21. Is there money to be made with vaccines? YES Bill Gates reports a “20 to 1 return”
22. Has the media and some other entity brought coercive pressure to bear on the Government? Is there money involved? Is everything transparent?
23.Is Bill Gates and the like interested in reducing the world population? Yes. So why so hell-bent on saving lives?
23. All our lives we are told “safety first” “speed kills” “don’t rush” and what is the first thing we see our Governments do under political pressure, rush! Why when it breaks all the safety rules. It is like rushing into a fire without the skill sets, functioning safety equipment, and the correct assessment. Rushing simply risks lives and the legislative “due diligence” will not stand in a court of law.
25. To whom will big pharma point when the government calls for an inquiry into the rush of the experimental vaccine? Individual Politicians must be accountable for their actions.

26. Presently 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4 and it is the Governments duty to protect the citizens and ensure that it does equal 4.

In conclusion, why rush into an "experimental" vaccine and risk death for a disease proven to be successfully treated by medication?

Simply beyond all sensible proportions.
Thanks for posting this.