Just me
It's not the population that is the problem. It is the people themselves. Whether a handful or a world full of people. It all depends on what the people do and how they think. Well, they will all get their wish. Too bad they don't realize that when GOD sends His wrath. They too will be part of the depopulation agenda. But from GOD Himself. They can run, but they can't hide from GOD. Oh! Well.
Ironically Heaven might agree with her.
Strong and Steadfast
There's a lot of truth here I think many are missing.
This woman seems to have gone and lived with monkeys, fell in love with them, and come back to tell her tale and suddenly is an expert on everything, including demographics.
Laura Yunque
Funny how all the people who call for depopulation never include themselves in the calculation. They get to live.
John A Cassani
There won’t be any artificial energy to speak of, which will put the few humans left, hi,ans devoid of practical skills, at a serious disadvantage to the animals. I can see why she favors it.
Rand Miller
She is demonic.
Dr. Jane, a god of the world. God cares not.
Liam Ronan
You start first Jane. -1
well, I guess she wants to deny untold numbers of souls that possibility of living FOREVER with God in Perfect Bliss............... think o that
Jeffrey Ade
But actually I think you hit the mark! @Rand Miller Pointed out she is demonic which I think is true, but you defined it!
Roberto 55
and the World will change into "Planet of Apes or chimpanzees"...