Victim of Covid Dogmas: Famous Father Altman Kicked Out

Father James Altman has been asked by La Crosse Bishop William Callahan on Friday to resign as Pastor of Saint James the Less, La Crosse, Altman announced during his Pentecost homily.

“In response, my canon lawyer asked for clarification as to the justification and a chance to review what is on my file,” he explained. In the Council Church of Love, every priest is well advised to always approach his "fatherly" bishop accompanied by a lawyer.

Altman became famous last year for a video titled “You cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat” in which he criticised the abortion advocate Joe Biden.

His recent homily criticised bishops for having withheld the sacraments from the faithful during the past 15 months. He also expressed doubts about Covid vaccines, and has adapted the extremist Covid measures set forth by his diocese to the pastoral reality.

Tyler Bishop Strickland, who already supported Altman during the US election, commented on that the priest is in trouble “for speaking the truth.” He added that “I continue to support him for speaking the truth in Jesus Christ”.

Below is a video with Altman's amazing story of being called to the priesthood.

Picture: James Altman, #newsVvzukwfqng

Massimo says he’s a Church Historian. He’s tempted to say the duo of Altman and Strickland did more damage to the Catholic Faith than Simon Magus, Arius, Nestorius, Bad Emperors, Martin Luther, et al.
Jeffrey Ade
Obviously he is mistaken!
This goes a bit too far
John A Cassani
It does. As much as his truth-telling and his upbraiding of bishops is a breath of fresh air, hearing the way he seems to trumpet his accomplishments in his most recent Sunday sermon makes me question his humility. If this “icon” has his approval in any way, that would go even further to impugn his humility.
Jeffrey Ade
In the novus ordo, many priest are censored for preaching truth!
anyone who believes in Christ should stop supporting parish priests who r just businessmen and not Catholic priests. Many of them r not interesting in preaching the TRUTH like Father Altman but to live a nice life at parishioners expense or like Mr Martin spreading homo heresies. These "priests" and "bishops" are rewarded by bishop of Rome and the Vatican clique.