PNG targeted?

As reported. “On the plane down from Papua New Guinea, I typed up a compilation of all the vaaxxxine deaths that were close to me in the last 2 weeks in PNG (Papua New Guinea).
I am going to send this to everybody....people need to WAKE UP TO WHAT IS GOING ON!!

This is what I have seen in PNG the last 2 weeks as the vaccination drive has been rapidly pushed forward. This is what I am personally seeing with my own eyes and ears and from people I know....
- 5 people dead in Xxxxx village (village name changed to protect its identity) following the vaaax. Xxxxx is about 500 people. How many have been vaxxed - maybe 10%??
- Our ex-employee Xxxxx died last week following the jab. She also had diabetes so there may have been complications due to the Vaaax.
- Yesterday I took a young teenager to hospital because his father was having seizures immediately after the vaaax.
- This morning my 2 workers who are brothers told me that they lost their Aunt last night - eight days after her vaaax.
- Another local man I know died 2 days after the vaaaax.
- Someone I know last week told me their family member died from vaaaax. They were just off to the funeral at the time.
- 40 people dead in Xxxxx village near Port Moresby which I know well following vaxxes - reported to me by World Vision charity worker from that village whom I know. I know the village quite well and I got confirmation of this form someone else from Xxxxx that "there have been a number of deaths from the vaaax - recently 1 every day". Xxxxx's population is about 2,000 people and I am unsure how many have had it - maybe 20%?
- A Whiteman whom I personally know called X - he was a friend of mine 15 years ago died 9 days later following the V from blood clots. I ran into his grieving widow at the shops who informed me.
- The MRA Government worker who's funeral I attended allegedly 'died of COVID' but he also had the vaaax?? Did he really die from COVVID?
- Another man X whom I worked with back in 2009 died last week just 2 days following the vaaax. His death made the radio news.
- I am hearing more and more stories EVERY DAY of people dying or becoming incapacitated follow the V.
- Our security worker X had his first shot of Pffizer 2 weeks ago he has had massive migraines since. I asked him "do you now want the 2nd Pffizer"? And he said defiantly "NO"!! I did warn him about not having it.
- The morgues in Port Moresby are at breaking point - not from the virus but from the vaaaaxed.
- An engineer told me he lost two of his friends last week just after having the vaaax. But one friend died of a weak case of malaria because his immune system would have been massively compromised by the vaaxx.

Now these cases were in just the last 2 weeks.
Nothing in the media about these of course just front pages of the so called 'COVVID CRISIS' and the usual narrative 'cases cases cases' and 'the hospitals are at breaking point' bullshit narrative. The media here is owned and controlled by Rupert Murdoch. You work it out.

The vacccines are a BIOWEAPPON and Blacks are clearly being targeted. Many Doctors have indicated that the V's are 'race specific'!
They CLEARLY want to wipe out the Black's faster.

There is NO COVVID PANNDEMIC! People here aren't dying from COVVID!!

But yes there is a VACCCINE PANNDEMIC!!
How to threat the treat PNG style!