49 years old and younger, you are here by CHANCE

What we thought was a Right, turns out to be a mere chance.

Dear Editor,

What I learned post covid19 was that life now means one heck of a lot more, as a social being, I need others, and that uncertainty is traumatizing.

These past forty-nine years we have sat smug, thinking that we in the US are safe. However, what we thought was a Right to be safe, turns out to be only a mere chance.

Looking at US Stats (Johnstons Archive) we have evidence that over 42 million Americans never joined us between the years 1971 to 2017 as there is recorded 42,939,000 induced abortions.

Thinking of next year there could have been an extra 39,772 classrooms of kids (22 pupils per class) starting their first academic year, with each class requiring a teacher, instead of in 2016 there were 875,000 abortions. Can we then complain about headlines of the like Loneliness is predicted to be the next public health epidemic of the 21st century? Even before COVID 19, 25% of adults suffered from some form of loneliness. TV Blackbox “THE AGE OF LONELINESS ON Q+A”

Those persons under forty-nine are here only by chance or luck, as they could equally have been added to the above statistics. I am using my vote to make a difference. That those future generations will know that they are alive by a Right and not by a chance. Chance is not acceptable by any professional standard and no longer acceptable in the preservation of future generations, that look to us here and now to provide an equal opportunity to live for all.

Yours sincerely