Vatican NOT Desperate: Arrested Bishop Was A CATHOLIC

Almost all clerics of the Apostolic Prefecture of Xinxiang, were arrested by Hebei province police, reported.

However, this news is likely about Xianxian Diocese which AsiaNews seems to have confused with the Apostolic Prefecture of Xinxiang which is currently vacant. The two places are 450 km apart.

Xianxian is 200 km south of Beijing. First, seven priests and ten seminarians were arrested when 100 policemen entered the seminary, located in a small factory whose Catholic director was also detained. A day later, on May 21, Bishop Zhang Weizhu, 63, was arrested. He has been in prison several times before. indicates two bishops for Xianxian, the other being Joseph Li Lian Gui, 57. Li is the Communist State bishop while Zhang is the Catholic Underground Bishop. The Francis Vatican usually sides with the State bishops.

Therefore, it is unlikely that Rome will be very sad about Zhang's arrest.


hmmmmm I don't think he was as anxious about being recognized as he was anxious about the $$$$$ he got from the Chi/Coms