Joe Biden is Being Abused

I am virulently anti Democrat. And Joe Biden is morally compromised at best. But what the Democrat party is doing to him is elder abuse.

Biden is suffering from some sort of cognitive decline. I don't know what, exactly, but it's obvious. And sad. You can see the fear in his eyes when he forgets, he slurs his words, and he is easily tired. He cannot sustain a traditional presidential campaign.

So why is he the candidate? Because the Dems are using him as an "empty suit", or as a legitimate face on their Satanic platform. They know that the party and constituency is so far left that they need someone who looks moderate (at least for the Dems) to get independent votes.

In the meantime the daffier he is the better. They plan to run the presidency through the Vice President and/or the presidential staff.

It's very sad, what the DNC is doing to Biden. Sad and evil.