Meet the Pontifical Academy for Abortion and Euthanasia

“If you had been at the head of a Vatican organisation defending the persecuted in the Thirties, would you have invited Dr. Goebbels to ‘dialogue’ about euthanasia and abortion? "No”, writes the blog Mundabor on November 20.

The blog notices that Goebbels was a proposer of euthanasia and abortion and the Vatican therefore never gave him a stage to “dialogue” about such subjects.

“Sadly, that was then and this is now”, Mundabor adds referring to Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia's Pontifical Academy for Life giving a stage to supporters of abortion and euthanasia during a Vatican conference.

Mundabor concludes, "How can one read such news and not conclude that Paglia & Co. want to push the euthanasia and abortionist agenda?"

Picture: © Martin Addison, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsJmfuavcwef
These secularists that are coming to vatican ,are they being converted ,or are they converting ,evil is very smooth