Yes, he said it. But we are way beyond any notion pro-aborts don't acknowledge they are promoting child killing.
Dr Bobus
Wm Brennan was the putative author of Roe v Wade. When he died, there were DC priests es ho refuse to do his funeral.
Clifton Webb
The “Catholic” President
michael newman
As good as the catholic Pope
True catholics don't say things like he says
The irony of Jimmy spending the Sabbath being a jerk and carrying his spite-campaign. Anyone care to guess why I'm GTV-free on Sundays?
John A Cassani
They know that they are sacrificing to Moloch. May I add that this administration’s policies are consistently opposed to the flourishing of human life, from abortion, to environmental and energy policy, to foreign policy, to pretty much everything else.
Of course they know. It's now "in your face" and watching the so called Catholic sheep ignore or comply.