The one who has made much progress in modern liturgy is Satan
Percentage of Catholics who attend mass, per country:

United States - 18%
Ireland - 15%
United Kingdom - 12%
Spain - 11%
Germany - 8%
Belgium - 4%
France - 3%
Canada 2%

To keep perspective, in 1958, Catholics who attended mass in Ireland was at 91%
Obviously pre-COVID figures. Pew research says attendance in the U.S. is about 7% now. Many wonder if the faithful will ever return. Europe is probably near zero!
De Profundis
"Christianity without liturgy is a Christianity without Christ" - and then there is his idea that Pentecostals are part of the Body of Christ.
Francis defines liturgy, "It is an event, it is happening, it is a presence, it is an encounter." [for him, everything is an encounter]
And the fruit of the Liturgy can prove it.