Journalist: Why Does Francis Not Oppose Destruction of Christendom?

Mario Giordano, the editor-in-chief of the Italian TV broadcaster Rete 4, has asked why Pope Francis who should defend Christendom, does not oppose its progressive destruction through mass-immigration into Europe.

Pointing at Francis’ self-perception as a defender of the poor, Giordano asks, “Does he not realize that the invasion [of immigrants] makes everyone poorer?”

And, “Does he not realize that exploitation, employment of underpaid workers, black labor, reduction of income continue without restraint precisely because of illegal immigration into Europe?”

Picture: Mario Giordano, © Enrico Samorì, CC BY-SA, #newsDlyxuocrmn
Perhaps he wants it destroyed.
Get in line ,he still has to answer the DUBIA
The answer is quite simple...!…