Anglican Method: Francis Heads for the Abyss

Caminante-Wanderer.Blogspot.com (August 15) reveals parallels between the collapse of the Anglicans and the Francis Novus Ordo Group. • In 1841, a …
Veritas Imperat
All these women... who could not find anything better to do in life? Had to dress like Priests.. Will never attend a place where these individuals act for an hour.
atreverse pensar
So, don't call them the Catholic Church
Agatha James
Who in the N.O. hierarchy has denied Our Lady's virginity and/or Our Lords resurrection?
I have heard these things from the Spirit of Vatican II type "lay leaders".
Don't forget that most of the Anglicans in England by the mid 18th c. were Masons and many were closet homosexuals by the mid 19th c. The slippery slope is all down hill!
Cat Smith
"We are not of this religion. We do not accept this new
religion. We are of the religion of all time, of the Catholic
religion. We are not of that universal religion, as they call it
today. It is no longer the Catholic religion. We are not of that
liberal, modernist religion that has its worship, its priests, its
faith, its catechisms, its Bible…" - Archbishop Lefebvre, June 29, 1976
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
God bless Archbishop Lefebvre.
Darrell J Roman
If only more bishops, priests and laity listened the the good Archbishop Lefebvre...
Jeffrey Ade
I stand with His Grace!