Sister Cristina & the Current Church Crisis

Sensus Fidelium
Cristina Scuccia grew up in a simple family, in Sicily, Italy. Her father was a bricklayer and her mother took care of the home. Her parents were devout Catholics but she was not especially enamored …More
Cristina Scuccia grew up in a simple family, in Sicily, Italy. Her father was a bricklayer and her mother took care of the home. Her parents were devout Catholics but she was not especially enamored by her faith. Cristina’s big dream was to become a pop singer. She listened to all the famous or infamous pop divas, and also sang in the church choir. It is strange that she didn’t experience any inner conflict whether she sang for Baal or for Christ. Cristina Scuccia eventually enrolled in a drama school sponsored by nuns. Cristina Scuccia was a fairly talented singer who thrived in the school and participated in various school performances. But being in a school sponsored by nuns caused Cristina to feel a spiritual tug, of sorts, and so she pursued a religious vocation. She eventually became a consecrated religious. She became the property of the good Lord, Who sought to further remove her from the world and the things of the world. But Sr. Cristina, it seems, brought the world and the spirit of the world, into the convent. She sought to wed…to marry Jerusalem with Babylon…in the midst of the cloister. You see, Sr. Cristina became a pop star, even winning major competitions, certainly due to some talent, but more due to the fact that she wore the religious habit and veil of a nun while she sang and danced according to the norms of modern, rock and roll culture. The world loves to see the dignified become undignified. The world loves when those meant to live the elevated life of an angel, come down to earth and embrace the life of carnal, fallen man. If you wonder about all the horrible scandals within the membership of the Church…if you wonder about many religious breaking their vows of chastity…desecrating their consecrated vessels through willful pollution…violating celibacy and becoming cesspools of impurity…corrupting the young and vulnerable through sins of pederasty…then realize that a large part of the problem is the loss of the appreciation of consecrated virginity. Furthermore, the lack of decorum, dignity, moderation, and modesty in consecrated persons is very evident. We now have rapping priests…break dancing religious…and beat boxing seminarians acting immodestly…without a proper guard and fencing to protect their vocation. Is it any wonder that the castle of purity is invaded when the moat of modesty is missing? The lily of virginity is potentially threatened when the thorns of penance on roses are are absent. The modern religious, seminarian, or priest is so clueless that you’ll find them listening to sexually charged secular hymns…you’ll find them watching impure programing on cable television or dancing with others on a dance floor. Consecrated persons have become so desensitized to the threats to purity that surround them, that many of them are bound to fall into sin. Unthinking persons suggest that celibate priests, consecrated religious, and seminarians are suppressing their passions so much that they are bound to explode and become predators. But the very opposite is true. Such perverts in the religious life and the priesthood gave free reign to their disordered passions. Celibacy is not the problem…but priests not being celibate is the problem. Teetotalers do not cause alcoholism and consecrated virginity for the Sake of the Kingdom hasn’t caused one scandalous action in the past nor will it in the future. No…the predators we have read about in the papers or seen on the television news…scoffed at rules regarding modesty and decorum…the flaunted and notion of proper boundaries…they rejecting penitential action like taking the discipline, abstaining, and fasting. They disrobed from their religious garments and donned secular garments before they engaged in the sins and crimes of Sodom. We need signs…signs of purity…signs of virginity and celibacy chosen freely and lovingly for the Sake of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. We need these signs to provide a stark contrast to all the darkness, impurity, and moral pollution that surrounds us that has desensitized us.
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Well done. Let us pray this goes viral throughout the Church....
Joseph a' Christian
Excellently precise statement.
Jesus Is Pure.
Poor Christina, she chooses the glory of the world for the glory of God. What bitter regrets she will have.
👍 anointed preaching