alex j
For the Americans, it's the Russians! for the rest of the western world , it's the Germans! who are always the cause of problems. As with all simplistic 'pigeon holing', there's an element of truth to the assignment of blame.
Faggots who work for the counterfeit Church.
Lutheran lovers
The entire Nation of Germany is rapidly approaching the point when they will have to be excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church..."the fig tree that must be cut down." They have provided great harm to the world in the last 100 years. Good and Holy Germans - please arise, your Country calls you.
“It is only a sad proof of the decline of the Faith, and of reason, in some German ecclesial circles,” Müller explains, “that these effusions of an academic nobody can nonetheless cause the vehement applause of people of his kind.”
Cardinal Müller to lifesitenews: "It is irritating that theologically uneducated people are being promoted to the rank of bishops who, in turn, think that they have to thank the Pope for it by means of a childish submission."