The Only Divorce-Free City in the World

The family is one of the institutions most affected by the crisis in our decadent times. Religious and moral sentiments have practically disappeared as if torn to bits. The divorces rate is overwhelming — an estimated 50% of marriages fall apart. Added to this, there are illicit unions, which are common and seemingly without consequences.

That is why it does so much good to hear — lo and behold! — that despite the malice of the times, there is a city in this world that has not surrendered to universal depravity and in which family bonds are so strong that there is no record of divorce.

This privileged city is Siroki-Brijeg. Located in Bosnia, its approximately 26,000 inhabitants of Croatian origin, have always been ready to defend their Catholic faith even in the face of the worst adversities. This is what happened, for example, during the Muslim invasion centuries ago. Then, the country fell under the boot of atheist Communism when the faith was tested in every possible way.

Reports from several trusted Catholic sites say that “Siroki-Brijeg is remarkable … for in the collective memory of all there has never been a single divorce among the Croatian Catholics of the city.”

What is the explanation for such a remarkable fact?
First, consistent with its profound Croatian tradition, the population of this city is almost 100% Catholic, and they live their faith very seriously. They consider it a point of honor to defend the indissolubility of marriage and the monogamous family formed by the union of a man and a woman – as stated in the country’s Constitution – with the blessings of Holy Mother Church.
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@alex j , I just wanted to share the information regarding location, nothing more.
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Its obvious Alex j.That's where all the adulterers go. 😁
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City should be a role model for all the world.
Pray that someday we or our future generations will live in a society like this...
This village is very close to Medjugorje.