Sensation: A Bishop Says Mass Outside an Abortion Mill

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Lawrence Coffey of the US Military Ordinariat said Mass in the morning of October 10 on the parking lot of Wildwood shopping center, next to Wildwood Medical Center outside the baby slaughterhouse of the abortionist LeRoy Carhart.

Over forty people were present. Father Stephen Imbarrato concelebrated who has been arrested before in Red Rose Rescues.

Mass was set up on the side of a van so that the bishop was facing the abortion mill. The homily was excellent. Coffey preached about abortion being a "forever issue" that is even mentioned in the Didaché (2nd century).

He mentioned knowing in his lifetime two pro-life atheists. One died an atheist. The other was Bernard Nathanson who became a Catholic.

After the Mass, there was a eucharistic procession through the neighborhood behind the complex and up to the main, busy street in front of the office complex.

Afterward, the group prayed a rosary at the street with the greatest view of pedestrians and motorists.

Coffey also said that at last year’s anonymous ballot of the US bishops, he was one of the bishops which affirmed that the pro-life issue was the pre-eminent issue for Catholics.

GJA Taylor
At last a bishop living up to his Apostolic mandate. Our Lady's mantle is covering him.
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One very brave Bishop