Blackout: White House curbs press, public access as Biden struggles with public demands of job

Throughout his presidential campaign and continuing since taking the White House, Joe Biden has promised a transparent approach to press and public …
LOL... and where is the unified voice of media outrage at such treatment? No, @mccallansteve The US govt. has provisions for dealing with an "Idi Amin-Kamala".
Biden fading, Kamala soon to take her orders from Obama and Susan Rice. Even more progressive.
Very soon, pervert Joe will be put out to pasture. The witch, Kamala will then be president. America, bye bye
Louis IX
Someone is running the show and it sure aint Demented Joe.
J G Tasan
Someone like “Michael”??? 🤭
Biden represents the democrat party ,sick ,insecure ,mindless without purpose untrustfull and totalitarium .