Francis Sends Letter Of Condolence To Benedict XVI: "Your Holiness"

“You had the delicacy to inform me first of the news of the death of your beloved brother Georg,” wrote Francis in a July 2 condolence letter to Benedict XVI after the death of his brother, Georg. …
F M Shyanguya
Apart from news reports, is there any evidence that Pope Emeritus BXVI actually returned to the Vatican? I have this slight nagging feeling that he may be already dead, after having been given the chance to bid farewell to his now deceased brother and also to visit his parents’ graves.
..and in the secular world, retired military officers are still referred to by the title of their former as a courtesy. Yet everyone still understands they aren't in command anymore.
Alex A
@rafal Ovile.> ..... 'Let us pray so Francis recognizes formally the true pope.'.... Why? He walked away, did he not?
Yes Alex A He walked away with the howls of ravenous wolves surroundin him... Yet he still lives and never gave up - resigned 😉 😇
At least for pope Francis fits more the title "Your holeness" ...
Francis seems more decent by calling Benedict XVI "Your Holiness", what he is for real, than all those Catholics who doubt he is pope and are afraid to use any papal title when mentioning Benedict XVI. Sad but true... ps Let us pray so Francis recognizes formally the true pope.
Firstly, PapaRatzi has obviuosly not had the intention to abdicate fully&really.
Secondly, there cannot be 2 popes at the same time (let alone a "papa emeritus").
What means ...
Salzburger firstly certainly and secondly formally there can only reign one Sovereign Pontiff. 😉