Cardinal Müller: “Not Even the Pope Can Abolish Priestly Celibacy”

It is “wrong” to introduce married priests, Cardinal Gerhard Müller told the anti-Church daily La Repubblica (October 10).

Müller mentions the 692 Trullian Synod where the Roman emperor forced the Church to abolish celibacy. However, only the Easterners accepted, the Latin Church refused.

He explains that celibacy is “not a law that can be changed at will” because it has “deep roots in the sacrament of order.” The reason, “The priest is the representative of Christ the Bridegroom; he lives a living spirituality that cannot be changed."

Müller underlines that “no Pope, nor the majority of bishops, can change the dogmas of faith or divine law according to their own pleasures. The tradition of the Church is not a game that can be shaped at will".

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur CC BY-NC-SA, #newsEfqfazmqky

There’s a world of difference between “abolishing” and “making optional”. Such a drama queen – and dishonest.
To Archbishop Muller's credit, Bergoglio made him a Cardinal and yet he keeps pounding Bergoglio with sound criticisms....He has more integrity than Cardinal Sarah and all the non-Dubia Cardinals combined.
Stand up to the Insanity.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle