What duty is the US Army faced with? The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, which exercises the prophetic ministry, hereby addresses you, the Supreme Commanders of the United States Army, and other …More
What duty is the US Army faced with?

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, which exercises the prophetic ministry, hereby addresses you, the Supreme Commanders of the United States Army, and other soldiers.

The victory in the US elections was fraudulently won by a representative of the shadow government which pursues the genocide of the world and of America. This shadow government has declared an absurd pandemic leading to fatally dangerous vaccination.

Vaccination pursues the following under the guise of health care: 1) to make humans genetically modified organisms with the use of mRNA and mDNA, 2) to totally enslave Americans by chipping, and 3) to achieve depopulation which, as Gates said, should reduce the population by 10-15% in the first stage of vaccination. This will mean genocide of one billion people. Dr. J. Mikovits, a medical expert on vaccines, warns: “If Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates were successful in mandating the vaccine schedule, at least 50 million Americans would die. Those would be the (previously) vaccine-injured. 50 million Americans have the gamma retroviruses we discovered that were coming through vaccines… and so they are going to kill the victims, and call it COVID-19.”

What is needed to save America? An iron fist, because democracy will not stand up to the hidden dictatorship of the Deep State. We therefore urge the highest military command to save the American nation before it is too late!

What are the first steps the situation requires?

1) Take over the control of the mass media, that is, television, radio, the press, social networks, which are now in the hands of a criminal caste.

2) Arrest and bring to military justice the persons involved in the planned genocide.

3) Implement a counter-Great-Reset plan – confiscate all the assets and banks of the richest bankers who are actively involved in the criminal genocidal agenda.

4) If this radical step is not taken, the criminal Deep State will bring the USA to suicide through planned vaccination.

5) Every US general, every commander, every soldier took an oath of allegiance to the American nation and promised to protect it from external and internal enemies. If a soldier violates this supreme oath, he commits treason.

What are the next steps needed to save the nation?

1) Put an end to an absurd pandemic.

2) Ban fatally dangerous vaccination against Covid-19.

3) Investigate the crimes of pharmaceutical companies that cooperate on the crime of genocide.

4) America must be cleansed of amoral laws that lead to the degradation of the individual, family, and society (gender ideology, child stealing by juvenile justice, trade in children’s organs, child adoption by sodomites and pedophiles, sex education – which is, in fact, demoralization of American youth). It is necessary to ban so-called scientific experiments on humans, cloning, genome changes through vaccines... Science without moral principles, and moreover in the hands of criminals, is the most powerful destructive weapon.

The Vatican, headed by Francis Bergoglio, is currently promoting crimes against humanity. It concerns vaccination with mRNA vaccine, which also serves for chipping and depopulation genocide. Furthermore, Bergoglio promotes sodomy, which is contrary to God’s commandments and leads American society to decay. By enthroning the Pachamama demon, Bergoglio has denied the very essence of Christianity. The bishops who represent Bergoglio’s dangerous sectarian trend in the Catholic Church must therefore be removed from office. The Episcopal positions must be occupied by orthodox and true bishops who defend God’s laws and the orthodox teachings that lead to salvation.

You, Supreme Commanders of the US Army and other soldiers, were baptized; you have Christian roots. Your parents and grandparents were Christians who adhered to moral and Christian principles on which civilized Europe and America were built. Christianity was the foundation of just legislation which protected the truth, and justly punished lies and evil.

There is evil in the world that we must fight both around us and within ourselves. The essence of Christianity is a personal relationship with our Savior, who took on Himself our human nature and, as true God and true man, paid for our sins. If we accept the truth and accept Christ as our Savior, our sins are forgiven. At the moment of our death, we can safely pass into eternal life. However, if we reject truth and justice, and choose a life program of lies, unreality, cynicism and egoism, then at the hour of death without Christ and without repentance, we will go to eternal damnation in hell. This is an alarming reality!

In the last century, the infiltration of immorality began, which was promoted by a group of wealthy Masons who owned the largest banks. President Kennedy opposed this destructive force and was assassinated. Since then, this shadow government, especially through Democrats and Presidents elected by them, has pursued an agenda of gradual moral devastation, as was the case, for example, with the legalization of the murders of unborn children. Pedophile Kinsey and his followers managed to push through the normalization of sexual perversions. The so-called human rights gradually became a priority through hidden changes in legislation. Immorality and crime were thus legally enshrined in a cunning way, while moral principles and justice were eliminated by so-called anti-discrimination laws. Gender laws legislatively denied even the most obvious reality that a man is a man and a woman a woman. This is a total loss of reason and conscience. This is the satanization of the American nation! This folly paved the way for a fraud involving the genocidal pandemic. All this was promoted mainly by the so-called Democrats and mass media controlled by the shadow government. The current US political system is unable to defend itself effectively against the Deep State.

Dear Commanders and Soldiers, your task today is to return the government into the hands of the American people and to protect them from criminals who strive for genocide of the United States. It’s do or die today. If President Trump is unable to give a decisive rescue command, you give it yourselves in this emergency situation! You are entitled to do so and, moreover, obliged to do so by an extraordinary situation. But unless you act in time, the government will be taken over by mass murderers who plan the genocide of humanity. Then the genocidal dictatorship, hidden behind Biden, will force you, the US military, to stand up against your own nation and to perpetrate the most serious crimes.

It was a real miracle that President Trump won the 2016 election. For four years, however, he was blocked by the mass media and the shadow government hiding itself behind so-called democracy. He had to face constant attempts at impeachment, which prevented him from taking decisive steps towards a sound reform.

When Spain faced a critical moment in its history, General Franco took over the government for the good of the nation. Similarly, General De Gaulle in France stabilized the nation in time of crisis.

As for the current threat of vaccination, the new mRNA vaccine is intended to turn humans into genetically modified organisms that will not be able to pass on life to future generations. This is a clear agenda of extermination of humanity.

With regard to chipping through vaccination, one must know that it is intended to establish total control. But not only that, by receiving this mark of the beast, man surrenders his will to the system and becomes a biorobot or demon-possessed, programmed to commit evil and crimes. He will no longer be able to repent unto salvation even at the hour of death and be saved. His end is in the lake of fire.
Dear Commanders and Soldiers, your duty to the nation and to your conscience – i.e. the duty to intervene by force in this emergency situation – arises not only from the fact that the elections have been rigged, but above all because the planned genocide is already being implemented through fatally dangerous vaccination. You, Dear Generals and Soldiers, have a duty to stop this destruction process! God has put each one of you in this time and called you to take responsibility for saving the American nation!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops
January 1, 2021

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) is a community of monks, priests and bishops living in monasteries. The BCP is headed by Patriarch Elijah with two Secretary Bishops, +Timothy and +Methodius. This Patriarchate arose from the need to defend the fundamental Christian truths against heresies and apostasy. The BCP does not recognize pseudo Pope Bergoglio and is not subordinate to him.

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