Anything Goes: Francis Approves Lay People In De Facto Bishops' Conference

The "Amazon Ecclesial Conference" includes bishops and lay people, its president, Huancayo Cardinal Pedro Baretto Jimeno, 78, Peru, told (October 3).

Francis has approved the Conference's statue which according to Baretto is "the first of its kind in the history of the Church" and “the first concrete fruit of the Amazonian synod.”

The Amazonian Conference is called "Ecclesial Conference" because it includes bishops and lay members from nine countries of the Amazon region. A Bishops Conference, in contrast, includes only the bishops of a certain territory.

Baretto believes that similar Ecclesial Conferences will emerge on other continents in the coming years, including Africa and Asia and that in the coming years "bishops’ conferences" will have to morph into "ecclesial conferences.”

Given Francis' centralism and the intellectual mediocrity of most bishops, the bishops' conferences have degenerated into useless debating societies, while the Church is in the grip of total anarchy.

Picture: © Miguel Angel Chong, wikipedia, CC BY-SA, #newsNtuntmosyf

Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Anything Goes...........that should be the motto of Francis pontificate. Next we'll see him allow for homo marriages. If that happens, there is no more Catholic Church.