Our Lady of Sorrows
No one following the rules in the UK
F M Shyanguya
Video no longer there.
Here is the cover
F M Shyanguya
🙏👍👏 They always tell in advance. Very useful posts @Tesa! Thank you!

After Nov 3 [=11/3 =33], it will be full steam ahead.
F M Shyanguya
Supporters: ‘But President Trump ...’
Trump: ‘I lied! [cf an Illuminati Card Game card] O c’mon, shut up you so foolish, you knew very well that I was a snake when you took me in!’
Since you aren't quoting Mr. Trump, don't put words in the man's mouth @F M Shyanguya . Leave your "fantasies" for those getting paid to service them. Before you get too uptight about "da Loominati", there's a much simpler explanation...

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.