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Abuses in Vatican’s Preseminary? Accusers “Act for the Sake of Money"

Monsignor Enrico Radice, 71, the ex rector of the Vatican’s Preseminary denied during the trial on alleged “sexual violence” in this institution that anything unbecoming happened there and said that he had a tight control over the place.

Radice is accused of "negligence and lack of vigilance." The main defendant is young Father Gabriele Martinelli. He stands accused of having committed “abuses” before he became a priest. The “abuses” started when he was 14 years old and the accuser 12, and allegedly went on for 10 years.

Radice has doubts about the accuser L.G. and his friend and witness Kamil Jarzembowski.

Jarzembowski who is of Polish origin entered the seminary in 2009. In 2014 he made allegations about “homosexual assaults” which he allegedly witnessed.

For Radice, L.G. and Jarzembowski act out of revenge and financial interests. Jarzembowski who was “withdrawn” and “closed in himself” was dismissed from the seminary “for insubordination and because he did not take part in community life," Radice said.

Jarzembowski who now lives as a declared homosexual, once ran away from the seminary when he was 18 and went to Treviso to a former seminarian for whom he had an “exaggerated desire.”

On the other hand, L.G. “had a lively intelligence and was very dedicated to studies." However, after becoming a friend with Jarzembowski because of their common interest in the Traditional Latin Mass he started being “know-it-all” and “presumptuous".

Monsignor Radice said that L.G. never mentioned “abuses” to him but only once spoke about “annoyances.”

However, the spiritual assistant of the Preseminary, Father Marco Granoli, wrote in a letter that [now Father] Martinelli should not become a priest for “very serious” but unspecified reasons. Granoli cannot be interviewed anymore. He died in 2013.