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Ordained Five Months Ago - Now Murdered

Father Adriano da Silva Barros, 36, of Caratinga Diocese, Brazil, visited his sick mother in Martins Soares and his sister in Reduto on October 13 before returning to Simonésia in his Chevrolet/Onix to celebrate mass, but he disappeared instead.

Ordained on 3 May 2020, Barros was an assistant priest in Simonésia, Minas Gerais. Around 6 pm on October 14, a farmer in Manhumirim alerted the police. He had tried to put out a fire and found a charred body with stab wounds.

Police supposes that Barros was the victim of a robbery. Two suspects were arrested on October 15. One of them, a 22-year-old, confessed to the murder.