NOTE dated December 1, 2019 :

To make this article, which originally appeared on November 29, 2019, lie, those who stopped the Protest have just used a means worthy of their deceit. On the 30th appeared on the official website a new signatory backdated to the 28th; it must be said that they did the same thing during the judgment; indeed, on the 20th appeared a signatory that they backdated to the 19th where already another was present. All this proves that I was not mistaken.

NOTE dated December 3, 2019 :

A second backdated has just landed at the.... November 28th!!!!!

As a matter of principle, I am against everything that is demonstrations, petitions, protests, and the like, because I have always found that it is useless and is more part of the revolutionary than the Catholic process. On the other hand, anything dubia or similar is a process that has always been used in the Catholic Church and has never caused any problems. In this respect, the dubia of the four cardinals were perfectly legitimate; what was less legitimate was to publish them; but it is true that they never obtained an answer, which is abnormal and has never happened in the Catholic Church where any request receives its answer and any doubt clarified and afterwards is usually published by the Holy See. This being said, let us come to the fact that will prove once again the uselessness of petitions.

On November 9, 2019, a Protest against Bergoglio was launched for the adhesion of cardinals, bishops and leaders of the Catholic world. It was published in 7 languages, French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. The text is excellent, although the conclusion is missing, namely the acknowledgement of Bergoglio's forfeiture of the Pontificate following all that is reported therein. Those who signed it are famous! The original list can be consulted on 11 November at 12 noon here:…/contro-i-recent… . A few other names were added in the following days, starting with Bishop Viganò, but others withdrew: , such as Princess Gloria. And it was from this last desertion on November 14 that everything began to change, until November 19, when everything remained as it was until today. But it was precisely on November 19 that I advertised it on Gloria.TV without knowing that it was already over. This is how I became interested in this Protest.

As I said earlier, I have no taste for that kind of thing. But here we had news from Gloria.TV warning us that Princess Gloria and a priest from the Brotherhood of St. Peter had withdrawn and that Bishop Schneider was against this Petition to which he refused to adhere. Seeing such coarse and cowardice I resolved to sign the Protest to replace the deserters and the fearful. And it was on November 19 that the 4500 supporters appeared on the board. Seeing that the deal was going well, I decided to help the Petition by advertising it on Gloria.TV in all 7 languages, an ad that was successful, I know that for sure.

As the days passed, I noticed that the Protest site was no longer updated, and I quickly understood that it was actually locked, but it was done in a way that no one would notice. It was at that time that I found Ferrara's fulminating article, one of the Petition's editors. So I decided to go around the 7 languages again by putting the Ferrara article and the Protest document. This was followed by the relaunch of Bishop Viganò, a magnificent text that obviously still lacked the logical conclusion. Anything: I decided to attach it to the other two texts. This resulted in an excellent audience, judging by the more than 2K clicks from the German side, for example. It is obvious that all this stirring had to bring down new signatures, but with the site locked, people were signing in a vacuum.

By this brief presentation, we can see that this Protest, not only served no purpose, but goes back to the figure of its signatories who are not just anyone and who as a result are discredited. But where can such a debacle come from? Certainly, even if the Protest had been continued normally, it would have had no success with the conciliar hierarchy in adoration before the Antichrist. But by stopping his march, the authors of this stop discredit all their colleagues who are trapped, and Bergoglio can rub their hands. I explained this whole scenario in the following links:

1- SOUTENEZ l’INITIATIVE "Contra Recentia Sacrilegia" qui compte à ce jour 4500 adhérents !
2- MESSAGE ENVOYÉ à l’instant aux AUTEURS de la PROTESTATION "Contra Recentia Sacrilegia" via le formulaire de leur site
5- Il ÉTAIT une FOIS

This was the first time I had supported a protest because the text was the best I had seen so far and the signatories and those called upon to sign it were professionals, so I thought that the impact would not be negligible. When I see this complete deflation, I will no longer be caught participating in such things.

The only crusade that is worth it is the DAILY ROSARY : it doesn't make any noise but it's effective !

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