“Antifa members do not want to abolish the police – they want to be the police. They do not oppose the concept of law and order – they merely want their word to be the law and their own violent tactics to be the order.”

Bill Barr Knows There’s No Such Thing as 'Peaceful Violence'

Attorney General Bill Barr has established himself as one of the few public officials willing and able to accurately describe the ongoing wave of …
0penSoceity who is funding these riot groups are not protected under 1A rights bc they are foreign funders of domestic Terrorism with the US.
'As Barr put it, “The left wants power because that is essentially the state of grace in their secular religion. They want to run people’s lives. ... It’s the lust for power.”' Might AG Barr lean integralist? 🤫
Alex A
The best AG America has had in a long time.