Jesuit "Blesses" Gay Couple At Gay Propaganda Event

Spanish-born Father Juan Masiá Clavel, 78, "blessed" a homosexual couple in Tokyo, Japan, on April 29 (picture), one day after he took part in a local gay march.

He wore a T-shirt (pictured) showing Christ whose heart opens in rainbow colored rays instead of the usual red and blue ones.

Masiá has lived about thirty years in Japan. He taught bioethics at different universities. In 2006 he lost his chair at the Pontifical University Comillas in Madrid, Spain, due to his multiple false teachings.

For decades, Masiá has spoken in favor of evils like homosexuality, abortion, adultery, married priests, women priests, etc.

Leading souls to hell.
God save us from these heretics in your Church.
Jim Dorchak
Ya know we always will have the Mentally Ill to brighten our days.
In saner times this man would have been excommunicated.
Mercy does not mean acceptance of sin!!! Homosexuality is a disorder, just like any other disorder and needs to be treated not accepted by society!!!!
He is not a priest anymore, pray for him and if you see similar serpent in your local area, keep away!!!
O Maoleoin
What do you expect from modern day Jesuits,one of my ancestors was head of the Jesuits in 16th century Ireland he was arrested and thrown out of Ireland and returned to Spain.I am sure he is spinning in his grave at all the shameful antics at his modern day fellows.
Here is the "merciful" rainbow Jesus on the shirts