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Google demonetizes conservative outlet LifeSiteNews

Google’s dominant position in the ad market allows it to severely financially punish websites it disagrees with, as the example of LifeSiteNews …
This post is not about Jews and Google isn't owned by Jews, @Pope Innocent lll Get your facts straight, you ignorant anti-Semite.Quit hijacking other people's posts with your propaganda, too.
Pope Innocent lll
Google is owned by subversive Jews, Sergey Brinn and Larry Page. They use their gateway to the internet, to deceive the public. One of their deceitful tactics is to bury/ hide any information that exposes the crimes of other Supremacist Jews: Zionists, Talmudists, B'nai B'rith...
Hugh N. Cry
Purge continues. They had to cheat to accomplish this.