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Did you know about Chemical harassment through air conditioning and drianage system in your home? You are in your room, it is summer, you turn on the AC, you sense a strange smell and then following …More
Did you know about Chemical harassment through air conditioning and drianage system in your home?

You are in your room, it is summer, you turn on the AC, you sense a strange smell and then following it nausea, headache, muscle cramps, stomachache
it takes you to a long long ride to understand that there are evil who are poisoning you through AC system.

2018 when i was in class, they would blow in fart odor. i would notice how some of my classmates would move beforehand.
Some were military, so i knew it was coming from their military handler.
P.S: The US agents, US military have contracted Brazilian military who also have influence in private security company called SulClean who have their manintenance people, their workers control the AC systems, also the security system of the student dormitory and university structure. this is just to let you know how infiltrations run to get local stasi participate in torturing and harassing the targeted individual.

the organized criminals always lie to your peers, colleagues, classmates that you have a criminal record they have no proof to arrest you and ask them to participate in their false interrogation process, to provoke, harass you into making a negative reaction. it goes to a point that is very disturbing and sickening. but God is just in his high court. he will punish all the covert terrorist leeches someday.

When they failed to frame me as a brainwashed terrorist. they started playing the mental card and told everyone i was mentally ill. the similar pattern under the excuse of me mentally not stable. harass me, provoke me for years into getting a reaction from me

i am thankful to have met the targeted individuals, seniors who shared their experience for me to learn from mistakes.

alright next terrorism attack is chemical pumping through drainage system
anytime i want to use sink, they blow chemicals, very strong and unpleasant odor that drives me instantly sick. They do it even when i try to bursh my teeth.
taking shower is another big problem. they blow strong chemicals through cracks. one student had vomitted as a result of it because of the timing the perpetrators always through remote neural monitoring communication carry out attack. my thoughts are shared in the cloud so if i have intention of going to take shower, they immeditately pump in chemicals through drainage system in the bathroom.

what's next?
window/door space venting chemicals
your apartment, sitting in the living room, all of a sudden a strange smell comes .
it gets really hot, above 30 so i try to open window or door for a little air ventilation. they shoot chemical canister, start the emittors that has very bad smell that results in body heating, headache and nausea. it makes the stomach of a person very sick.

it is quite a challenge for a targeted victim, the awakened one to protect itself from chemical terorrism.
God protect those who are not aware, they end up being on meds and constant medical visits. The symptoms are ubiquitous that it takes an experience to understand this.

I hope and pray for humanity, justice and safety for all innocent victims who are under covert torment of the sick, disgusting parasitic secret society elites.

i know a catholic family that are severely targeted. they are always sick, done operations, diagnosed with cancer. Their daughter was murdered. their son was abused in psychiatric institution after he tried to defend himself against his harrassers. - their uncle is dying, one already died. their mother is sick, their father who takes care of his ill son, his granddaughter, cooks, cleans and does laundry is always sleep deprived, tortured with directed energy weapon attacks that makes him sweat, and almost pass out from too much exposure.

people of religion confuse it for demonic possession but in fact it is the demonic human beings with evil souls who do it to others.

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