What have I learned?

I have been on this site for a short time, and here is a distillation of what I've learned.

1) Communion on the tongue will save the Catholic Church.

2) Everything wrong with the world is either the fault of Freemason/Illuminati or

3) the JEWS.

There is a part in the documentary Shoa where a Jewish Holocaust survivor from Poland goes back home. He is standing in front of a Catholic Church and greets people. The narrator of the film asks their thoughts on why they think the Holocaust happened. Their answer? The Jews earned their massacre by rejecting Jesus.

They are saying this casually, like they're talking about the weather, right in front of this guy. It is HIS fault he watched his family die. HIS fault he went Day by day not knowing if he'd be next. HIS fault for the millions gassed, shot, tortured and burned.

It's even his fault Catholics died in the camps too.

This is the mindset of the ignorant Catholic, and the great message of Shoa is that the real reason the Holocaust happened was the indifference or even secret approval of the people who knew it was happening.

There are people here who use Jews as their all purpose scapegoat. I don't think any of them understands that not only does God love EVERYONE, he CHOSE the Jews. He loves them. Get used to it.

Our Catholic mission is to evangelize and convert because Jesus is the way to pure happiness, salvation. It is not to hate. We are all beating hearts.

How dare you anti Semites.