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Francis Opposes Renewal of Novus Ordo - Cardinal Sarah

The Dutch journalist Hendro Munsterman reports on Twitter (April 13) that

"During a private visit to Benedictine Sisters in The Netherlands, cardinal Sarah said that 'the pope doesn't give his permission for an integrated Missal' (where both forms would merge), but that he and his collaborators are thinking about it: 'patience is needed'."

It seems that Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, has in mind some new form of the Novus Ordo that would integrate more elements of the Roman Rite.

Munsterman has his information from Father Harm Schilder who was present at the meeting and wrote about it in the weekly Katholiek Nieuwsblad.

Picture: Robert Sarah, © Antoine Mekary, Aleteia CC BY-NC-ND, #newsKtbqhtroos
Not good.
I don't want a Siamese twin Mass, Benedict ruled this out with Summorum Pontificum, and maybe Francis is right to ignore this. Maybe if this is NOM only, tho I haven't got to one in years, except for social reasons. Too lukewarm in propers and ordinary.
How about remove protestant novus ordo and return to the mass of all times? Too Catholic?
It would be wonderful. Holy Spirit guide...
The mixing of the traditional mass with the Novus Ordo? Like mixing Heaven with hell.
And many real catholics just love cardinal Sarah. And I would love to see him as our next pope. But unfortunately this is not going to happen. What Bergoglio wants is an even more down down-to-earth "liturgy".
De Profundis
Find someone who loves you as much as Cardinal Sarah loves the Church.