Community of St John Removes Photos, Books of Its Founder

The General Chapter of the Community of St. John which ended on November 2, decided to remove all photos of its founder, Dominican Father Marie-Dominique Philippe (+2006), from its priories.

The Community will no longer sell Philippe’s books, and will subject his writings to a critical review during the formation of new members.

For decades, Philippe was treated like a cult leader. His writings were almost considered a new revelation.

In 2013, the Community admitted that Philippe had sexual contacts with several women under his “spiritual guidance.”

Now, the chapter was told that the Vatican sanctioned Philippe already in 1957. For two years he was not allowed to hear confessions, to give spiritual direction to sisters, to live or preach in monasteries, and to teach spirituality.

The reason: He had been found to be a serious accomplice to the actions of his brother, Dominican Father Thomas Philippe (+1993) who was sanctioned by the Vatican in 1956 for having abused fourteen women under the guise of mystical experiences.

Mother Cécile Philippe, a sister of the two, was deposed as the prioress of the Dominican nuns of Bouvines for her responsibility for the actions of her brother Thomas in that monastery.

At the same time Dominican Father Pierre-Thomas Dehau (+1956), a famous author and uncle of the three, received for similar reasons only a canonical monition because of his age and declining health.