Notice that the impression Rubin got was: Bishop Barron — while inhibited from saying so because of "religion" — is actually sympathetic to gay marriage in his heart.

Dave Rubin Talks About Bishop Barron Interview

At the "Students for Liberty" conference in Washington D.C., YouTube personality Dave Rubin talks briefly about an interview he did with Bishop …
Poor bishop Barron, human respect has done him in. It will lead to hell
They're all gay. Of course .
If, according to Bp. Barron, the Miracle of the Sun was "the most remarkable attested miracle of all time," where does that leave the miracles of the NT, including the Resurrection itself?
Jim Dorchak
@De Profundis it is very sad that Bishop Barron does not see what is truly a miracle.
De Profundis
Bishop Barron on the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima: "The most remarkable attested miracle of all-time."

Bishop Barron on the vision of hell given to the children. "Mere private revelation that can safely be ignored. And anyway it was symbolic."